Hello February

Wow, that was fast!  The first week of February has come and gone.  Are you still on track with your fitness and non fitness related New Year’s Resolutions?  If you’ve fallen off the wagon don’t beat yourself up too much. Sometimes a short break can help re energize and re ignite the fire you need to keep going again.

Since increasing my mileage in January I’ve been pretty consistent with my training and working out in the gym.  I was also training six days a week with only one FULL day of rest. This is probably the reason I got shin splints to begin with which later made me cut back on mileage for my upcoming half marathon in April.  Although painful (while running) I didn’t let it stop me from training.  I did however cut back on the mileage and didn’t run any more than 30 minutes on my running days.   The foam roller was also my best friend after each run.  Taking a cycling class on cross training days was also helpfull and I made sure not to push myself too hard to prevent further injury.  I steered  clear from doing any hard impact exercises (jump rope, jump squats..etc anything with the word “jump” I stayed away from it).

I decided to take the full weekend off from training and visited my sister and her family.  It felt great just eating freely (vegan) of course and just having a great time.  My brother in-law made an amazing “vegan feast” breakfast that included scrambled tofu, vegan sausages and hash browns.  We went to the farmers market after breakfast and walked around and enjoyed some samples and treats from local bakeries.  Here are just few of the goodies I tried out.




























When I returned home late Sunday afternoon I felt well rested and actually rejuvenated.  I watch the Super Bowl with my husband as I folded laundry then went to bed right after the game.

This morning on my way to the gym I was ready and energized for my Redzone class (a HR monitored group training class).  After class I still had the energy to do a 2 mile recovery run.  Sometimes we get so focused on training and reaching for a goal that we forget that in order to progress we have to recover. Not only do we have to recover physically from one work out to the next, but also mentally.  So go ahead and work hard this week  take the weekend off!

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Vegan Update

In Febuary 2013  I decided that I would make a serious lifestyle change and transitioin to a vegan lifestyle. In my last post “Falling off the Wagon,” I wrote about  challenges I expected as a new vegan.  My will power and temptation were definitely tested. During this transition I came across a documentary on Netflix called Vegucated and it changed my whole perspective on Veganism and why I felt it was the right decision for me.  It wasn’t until May 2013 that I officially became a Vegan.  Those three months were filled with more temptations, frustrations and trial and error. It was also an opportunity to figure out what I liked, didn’t like disliked, and what worked for me.

It’s been been almost four years and I am happy to say that I have never been happier with my decision of going vegan.  I’ve always focused on the number on the scale and let it dictate what I ate and how to live. Since going vegan I’ve found it easier to maintain my weight and live a healthier lifestyle. I discovered that veganism is not only the elimination of meat, fish and all animal by products from your diet; It’s also about minimizing the contribution  to animal cruelty by not wearing or using products that are tested on animals. Some may find this extreme and thats ok, but it’s a choice that I’ve decided to make consciously not only for my health but for the well being of all living things.

Here’s a before and after photo of pre and post vegan.

Other vegan documentaries to check out:






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