Letting go..

After seven years, five half marathons and 16 weeks of training for a marathon I had to say good-bye to my trusted running companion, my Garmin Forerunner 210.

 If you’re a runner and own a running watch you know that it’s an investment piece.  I purchased my first watch two weeks into my  first half marathon training in 2011.  My running coach, at the time had a Garmin GPS watch double the size of her tiny wrist.  Boy, have these watches come a long way. She suggested I should invest in one to keep track of my pacing and mileage during my training.  Although, not necessary, I convinced my husband that I was serious about my training and that it would be an investment.  I remember going online on the Garmin website and there it was.  The Garmin Forerunner210 in my favorite turquoise color.  We went into our local Running store a few days later and has been with me ever since.

It was my last week of training for the Kiawah Marathon, when my watch decided to quit working.  I left it on the usual charging station (kitchen counter) the night before to charge for my Sunday long run.  I woke up to realize that it had not charged the night before.  This was the only time I had to replace the battery. Twenty dollars later, it was working again.  Two days before my race, I picked up my watch to put it on, and the strap broke.  My husband took out his favorite “fixing” tool (Gorilla glue) and tried to put it back together.  Unfortunately it wouldn’t work. Silly me, took it to a watch repair shop, and pretty much laughed at me. Two days before race day, I wasn’t ready to commit to a new watch, so there I ran with no watch.  I also have to note that my cell phone also took a crap on me before I even made it to the starting line, but that’s possible future blog post.

During the holidays, I debated and researched on which watch I should get.  I thought how much I loved Garmin and how I never had any issues until its final days.  The Garmin Forerunner 235 was very similar to my first watch but with more bells and whistles.  I’ve only had it for a week, but I know I will love it just like my first.


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