Getting Healthy Again

For the past week, I’ve been coughing my lungs out due to an Upper Respiratory Infection. It’s one of the most common reason for doctors visit and can keep you up all night long. After picking up my prescribed high dosage of Mucinex from the Pharmacy, there I was coughing incessantly in the passenger side. The coughing seemed never ending.

It’s been over a week and the cough still lingers. Though not as bad, but still persistent. Today was my first day back in the gym and it feels like I skipped a month. I took a 30 minute spin class and resumed my usual group training session with a personal trainer. One of the ladies had also mentioned she too was getting over the flu.

When I left the gym, I sat in my car.I sipped my left over BCAA’s as I cough in between. I thought to myself, “I’ve really neglected my health.” I’ve been Vegan for four years, and I’ve gotten sick twice over the course of eights months. I had to sit back and really evaluate, have I really been eating healthy? That answer, was “NO.” Vegan, yes, but not “healthy” I’ve filled my body with vegan substitutes and over processed vegan meals that this was my body’s way of letting me know that I’ve fallen off the wagon. I exercised 5-6 days a week, and averaged about 25 miles a week, but my eating habits, weren’t all that great. In fact, it was really bad.

I had to think back to when I first started my vegan journey, and it was then when my meals consisted of basic whole foods. No Gardein “chicken tenders” and no snacks that included over five ingredients. Have I began to crave meat products that I brought in imitations to satisfy my pallet? Possibly, but as long as I found an alternative, I made myself believe that it was ok. As I drove home, I thought about how great I felt during the beginning of my journey and how excited I was about it. I wanted to feel healthy and great again eating just basic whole plant based foods. With this excitement I made a commitment to myself that I would add more vegetables (not mixed in processed meals) and start eating not just for satisfaction, but for the sake of my body and my health. Later that day, I decided to go to my local Trader Joes.

Here are just a few items to get me started for the remaining of the week. If you’d like to follow me for the next few days to finding my “health” again feel free to add me on instagram. Here I’ll post images of what I eat using the items i purchased from Trader Joes. What are your favorite plant based recipes?

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