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    Rolling in to 2020

    OK, so we all make new years resolutions and most of us give up by the first three weeks. We all have the intent on starting over with a clean slate. New Year, New You right? Last year my new years resolution was to read at least twelve books. One for each month. How many did I actually read? One. Yes, one single book. This year I thought I would make a similar new years resolution, but this time I just want to read MORE. It could be five or twenty minutes a day, as long as I was reading something, anything. I remember when I was young, I read…

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    100 Miles in 30 Days

    Last year I decided to run 100 miles in 30 Days. I thought I would do the challenge again this year to keep myself motivated during the colder weather. DAY 1: Today was pretty cold and I really struggled to make it out the door. It was raining so I decided to hit the gym and jump on the treadmill. Although some days it’s hard to get up to make it to the gym I’m hoping this challenge will help me stay motivated through out the winter months.

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    Training plans for fall and winter races

    Summer is coming to an end and its time to get serious about training for my second marathon. I have a couple of half marathons planned before the big race but it’s time to buckle down and get back in my training groove. I really wanted to get a running coach this year, but I just don’t have the extra funds for that at the moment so I downloaded a generic plan online. I know its best to get a personalized plan, but I’m a working gal with bills to pay. The plan I’m following has me running 5 days a week with a speed workout and hill drills every…

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    Getting Healthy Again

    For the past week, I’ve been coughing my lungs out due to an Upper Respiratory Infection. It’s one of the most common reason for doctors visit and can keep you up all night long. After picking up my prescribed high dosage of Mucinex from the Pharmacy, there I was coughing incessantly in the passenger side. The coughing seemed never ending. It’s been over a week and the cough still lingers. Though not as bad, but still persistent. Today was my first day back in the gym and it feels like I skipped a month. I took a 30 minute spin class and resumed my usual group training session with a…

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    Letting go..

    After seven years, five half marathons and 16 weeks of training for a marathon I had to say good-bye to my trusted running companion, my Garmin Forerunner 210.  If you’re a runner and own a running watch you know that it’s an investment piece.  I purchased my first watch two weeks into my  first half marathon training in 2011.  My running coach, at the time had a Garmin GPS watch double the size of her tiny wrist.  Boy, have these watches come a long way. She suggested I should invest in one to keep track of my pacing and mileage during my training.  Although, not necessary, I convinced my husband…

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    Happy New Year!

    It’s that time of year again when we celebrate a new year and make our New Year’s Resolutions.  Wether you’re making a list or a vision board we all hope to begin a clean slate and make our hopes and dreams come true.  What’s on your list this year and what photos have you clipped on your pintrest board to help you reach your goals?  Last year, I made a commitment to start my blog and i miserably failed.  I think I posted about six blog posts and completely fell off the tracks.  Hey, life happens right? Don’t get me wrong, I had a lot of adventures, races and crossed…

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    This week’s workout

    Happy Sunday everyone, Here is my first weekly workout rundown.                        Monday: 1hr Redzone HIIT training +15 minute abs                        Tuesday: 9 miles treadmill w/hill sprints                        Wednesday: 30 minutes strength w/personal trainer +XT 1HR stationary bike                        Thursday:6.5 miles @cooper river bridge                        Friday: 30 minutes core cuts +4 miles (easy run)                    …

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    Half Marathon Training quick update

    Hi everyone! I’m such a slacker updating my blog.  I really want to be more consistent and post weekly but I get discourage and I keep procrastinating. I thought I’d update those interested in my half marathon training progress. I’m four weeks out and the nerves are starting to kick in.  My last half marathon was a year ago and I was really disappointed with my time, so this year I told myself that I would train harder and do my best to stay on track with my training.  Last year with minimal training I ran my last half marathon at 2:45.  I’m not the fastest runner, but I knew…

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    Hello February

    Wow, that was fast!  The first week of February has come and gone.  Are you still on track with your fitness and non fitness related New Year’s Resolutions?  If you’ve fallen off the wagon don’t beat yourself up too much. Sometimes a short break can help re energize and re ignite the fire you need to keep going again. Since increasing my mileage in January I’ve been pretty consistent with my training and working out in the gym.  I was also training six days a week with only one FULL day of rest. This is probably the reason I got shin splints to begin with which later made me cut back…