Rolling in to 2020

OK, so we all make new years resolutions and most of us give up by the first three weeks. We all have the intent on starting over with a clean slate. New Year, New You right?

Last year my new years resolution was to read at least twelve books. One for each month. How many did I actually read? One. Yes, one single book. This year I thought I would make a similar new years resolution, but this time I just want to read MORE. It could be five or twenty minutes a day, as long as I was reading something, anything. I remember when I was young, I read so many books, but along the way I got distracted by electronics and other forms of entertainment that I fell out of love with reading.

Health and fitness will alway be part of my life but I would love to focus more on eating a healthier and well balance meals. I’ve been vegan since 2010 but this past year I feel as though I’ve relied too much on processed vegan meals and snacks to get me through my days. Being vegan does not necessarily equate to being healthy therefore this year my hope is to not consume as much processed vegan meals and actually cook more whole foods.

As the months go by my fitness goals will inevitably change. There will be new challenges I’ll want to try and fitness classes I will add to my weekly routine, but fitness will always be a great part of my daily life. The last few months of 2019 I’ve been practicing and working on doing handstands. I’ve made great improvements and have made it as far as being able to kick up against a wall. For 2020 I would love to work on eventually holding a handstand for 10 seconds and away from the wall. I will continue running daily because running is my therapy.

Every year I also try to start fresh in creating weekly blog posts. I find that putting our my goals and hopes for the new year out to the universe make me more accountable and encourage me to work harder towards them. Unfortunately as some may notice I failed miserably this year with posting consistently. Suggestions are welcomed on how I can work better at this. So here I am again in 2020 hoping to post more on my blog.

Whether it’s health, fitness related. Ringing in the new year with new goals and resolutions brings great hope for the up coming months and year ahead. Even though we all may fall off the wagon every now and then, what better way to start fresh than in the new year! Here’s to a new year to a better you!

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