Training plans for fall and winter races

Summer is coming to an end and its time to get serious about training for my second marathon. I have a couple of half marathons planned before the big race but it’s time to buckle down and get back in my training groove. I really wanted to get a running coach this year, but I just don’t have the extra funds for that at the moment so I downloaded a generic plan online. I know its best to get a personalized plan, but I’m a working gal with bills to pay. The plan I’m following has me running 5 days a week with a speed workout and hill drills every other week which usually falls on Tuesdays. I also train with a small group of women at my gym on Wednesdays with a personal trainer. Cross training is very important when training for long distance races so I take a cycling class once a week.Below is a peek of my August daily mileage and workout plan.

Well, the first two weeks of my training is complete. My first long run was 7 miles, but I ended up running a half mile farther. I did however start chafing under my arms where I had my armband that held my phone after mile five.I went to Target the same day to purchase some Aquaphor lotion to lather with for my next long run.
This week I also celebrated my 37th birthday. It’s hard to believe I’ve been on this earth for over 30 years. My short runs went great but I only completed five miles out of eight on my second long run. It also rained this past weekend so I had to run my long run on the treadmill. I felt terrible not doing all eight miles so I just pushed as hard as I could to get through the five. I also ate a little too much birthday cake and had a few drinks the night before so that may have been a factor.
I’m also experimenting with new hydration to help me throughout my runs. I’ve read some great reviews about Nuun Hydration so I decided to try it out during my runs. They come in a variety of flavors but the wild berry is my favorite. I found this item at Target for less than ten dollars.

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