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This week’s workout

Happy Sunday everyone, Here is my first weekly workout rundown.

                       Monday: 1hr Redzone HIIT training +15 minute abs

                       Tuesday: 9 miles treadmill w/hill sprints

                       Wednesday: 30 minutes strength w/personal trainer +XT 1HR stationary bike

                       Thursday:6.5 miles @cooper river bridge

                       Friday: 30 minutes core cuts +4 miles (easy run)

                       Saturday: 13 miles long run

                        Total miles: 32.5

On Mondays I usually take a 1 hour RedZone class. This class is HR based workout that will leave you wanting more.  Each session is always different and always challenging.  This class allows you to burn up to 1k  calories in just one hour.  After the class I usually stretch with a foam roller and ad on about 15 minute of my own core workouts.

Tuesday’s treadmill nine miles, was unplanned.  I had only planned for six, but I was feeling great so I just kept going.  It was raining out so I had to take my run indoors.  Since my upcoming race will include hills, I wanted to get some hill sprints in as well.  Does anyone else feel extra weird when their on the treadmill in the gym for over an hour?

Wednesdays I usually meet with my personal trainer. She introduced me to the angled squat machine and had me do more squats using the barbell.  I thought my legs were done but I decided to jump on the stationary bike for about an hour which equalled to about 20 miles.

Thursday’s run felt great.  The first mile is always shaky and uphill but pretty flat for the most part, until I head back downhill. The weather was beautiful and was just happy to be outside.

This Friday I thought I would change it up from Redzone to  core cuts since I know Saturday’s long run would be pretty long. I was trying not to tire out my legs so I chose to do core cuts. Man! this class was an eye opener. It’s 30 minutes of abs on fire and many reps with baby weights.  Who knew baby weights could be so tortuous.   My personal trainer suggested I take the class and man, was I glad I did. I plan to take this class or incorporate some the exercises to my routine again.  I decided to add an easy 4 mile recovery run on the treadmill.

Saturday was my long run. I chose to run on the Cooper River Bridge since there was some incline and much safer environment.  I started with a very easy one mile, then tried to maintain a 10-12 minute pace through out the rest.  It was very windy and cold, so there goes that pace.  After 4 miles I felt my right calf starting to tense and felt sharp pains that made me slow down to a walk.  It was a weird feeling but I tried not to let if affect me too much.  I jogged it out until I thought I could speed up my pace again. After mile six my legs were either too numb to feel anything or the pain just went away. I had planned for running 15 miles but my legs were freezing and the wind sucked.  I was able to maintain my 12 minute pace and decided to sprint the last quarter mile.  Needless to say I spent plenty of time with my foam roller after my stretch.

 I’m actually pretty pleased with my progress.  I only have  several weeks to go and I hope I can continue to progress until race day.

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