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Half Marathon Training quick update

Hi everyone! I’m such a slacker updating my blog.  I really want to be more consistent and post weekly but I get discourage and I keep procrastinating.

I thought I’d update those interested in my half marathon training progress. I’m four weeks out and the nerves are starting to kick in.  My last half marathon was a year ago and I was really disappointed with my time, so this year I told myself that I would train harder and do my best to stay on track with my training.  Last year with minimal training I ran my last half marathon at 2:45.  I’m not the fastest runner, but I knew I could do better.  My goal for my upcoming race is to have a strong 2hr finish.  This may be considered “slow” to others but this will be a PR for me and will encourage me to keep getting faster.

I started my training in December but I had a few injuries down the road and had to take necessary breaks and make adjustments to my running and workout schedule.  I also got a personal trainer to help me with strength training once a week.  Sometimes having someone yell at you and make sure you’re on track can be really helpful and make a difference in your training.

For those who have races coming up what are your goals and how are you staying on top of your training to make sure you reach your goal?



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