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Falling off the wagon

We’ve all done it. We make a goal, stick to it consistently for a certain period of time and then all of a sudden BOOM! We fall off the wagon or hit a bump on the road.

For the past three weeks I haveTRIED to maintain a Vegan diet. No I didn’t go cold turkey. Two weeks prior to making my decision to transition to a vegan life-style, I started with green smoothies in the morning. I was obsessed with making these smoothies and creating all sorts of recipes, plus it was a jump start to my morning workouts. I then decided to slowly take away meat and fish and added more “greens” then the animal by-products went to the way side . Even though I was eliminating these from my diet, I still had to cook them. Oh, yes, I have a husband who REFUSES to eliminate meat from his plate. Oh, the temptations. Honestly the meat products, I have not craved (well except that one time when I made my husband pepperoni pizza, but that’s another post) the fish I miss, but it’s the cheese, eggs, and yogurt that I really dream about for which I haven’t really found substitutes for.

I got so excited one time in the grocery store when I came across a block of “veggie” cheese, not reading the full list of ingredients I threw it in my basket. It wasn’t until I got home to find out milk was one of the ingredients. Hating that I wasted money, I decided to eat one. I didn’t like it, and in the garbage it went. I felt so guilty eating that little piece and asked myself “why did you do it”? It’s a small mistake, but sometimes it’s those little triggers that will just bring you down, to make you feel like a failure. Whether you ate an Oreo cookie after a hard work out, or went to Starbucks for that favorite beverage, don’t beat yourself up for it. We all stumble, and that’s ok. The important thing is to acknowledge it and be accountable for it, acknowledge your progress and how well you’ve done. Move forward and recommit to doing better the next day.

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