Green smoothie challenge

In part of trying to live a healthier diet and living a greener lifestyle, I thought making green smoothies would not only be beneficial, but could really pave the road to achieving this goal.

I initially started making green smoothies 2 weeks before the new year, because I knew that this would be my ULTIMATE New Year’s Resolution (Yes, I started early). Like any other nu-be I began with the basics, spinach, banana, apples and celery. I also made my smoothies with Almond Vanilla Milk and coconut water which has made the smoothies really tasty. I surprisingly liked it. The only taste I really could not get use to was the celery. It’s almost been one month and honestly I’ve felt great ever since I’ve started. I’ve got my sister now drinking green smoothies with her daughter and my husband has even started asking if I can make them for him. Here are just a few of my favorites.

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