New year, new goals

It’s a new year and everyone makes them. New Years Resolutions! By now the gyms are flooded with eager “gym-goers” wanting to shed those holiday pounds. For the past 2 years I’ve been steadily working out and running miles after miles, but I really have not gotten the results I really wanted. I lost the weight, it’s the “eating healthy” part, I have yet to conquer. Along with training for my first half marathon my new years resolution is to EAT HEALTHY, incorporating more “green” into my diet and eliminate meat (slowly)and consume less sugar. Too much? I don’t think so, since I am not planning on going cold turkey. I know this will be hard, and I’ll probably eat an Oreo or two along the way, but I’m human. My ultimate goal is to live a Vegetarian lifestyle, and I know this will not happen overnight.

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